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Reynaldo is a former tech executive with a successful career spanning more than a decade. He has developed a proven track record of delivering projects on schedule and budget, with clients spanning from US Military branches to multiple Fortune 500 companies. Reynaldo is excited to turn his focus towards innovative real estate development in Santana Capital Group. With a passion for service, Santana is ready to assist your real estate needs. Santana  currently holds business and real estate certifications from Harvard Business School and MIT, focusing in Commercial Real Estate, alongside a FINRA 63 Securities License. Reynaldo and his team carries the values of hard work, integrity, and outstanding client service into everything he does.

Our mission is to engage in affordable housing issues that are of concern to individuals, families and communities and provide support and solutions through real estate, education and technology.

Overall create smart cities, smart communities with the latest technologies to create a long sustainable impact in communities. 

Over 25 years of prior experience in Tech
and Real Estate

Santana Capital Group brings to you the Building Revolution 4.0.

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    We aim to  provide next generation of affordable real estate through technology, education, innovation and empowerment.


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