3d Printing In real estate


3D printers are not unlike your desktop inkjet printer. A software programme ‘tells’ the printer about the dimensions of the end product. The printer then injects material on a platform according to that plan. 3D printers often use liquid metals, plastics, recyclable items, cement and a variety of other materials which then cool or dry to form a structure.

Benefits of 3D Printing:

● Zero waste construction

● Time and cost reduction - 3X than traditional building

● Supports unusual designs

● Stronger, long-lasting building material

A 3D printer can print the following:

● Walls

● Roof

● Foundation/Frame

● Interior furniture 

The rest would be completed with General Contractors (HVAC, Plumbing, Electricity, Windows, ete)

How The Process Works


50-80 percent lower labor cost. Less wastage of material. Lower financing cost due to shorter execution time.


50-70 percent reduction in traditional construction time based on increased automation.


Customized and intricate design, inbuilt insulation in 3D printed walls and a higher sustainability footprint due to the use of recycled waste as part of the raw material and concrete.





The opportunity for tech-enabled companies to compete in this space is driven not only by the sheer size of the market, but also by the limited amount of innovation to-date and expertise.

2. PRODUCTIVITY: US construction labor productivity has lagged overall labor productivity. Buildings are still constructed with the same processes employed a century ago

3. COVID-19 : Due to many families shifting, demand for real estate construction is behind. The price of lumber has staged a staggering increase in recent months, rising roughly 80% since mid-April to an average price above $600 per thousand board feet. This increase will add thousands of dollars to the cost of a typical newly-built home, thereby constraining housing supply, exacerbating affordability woes and limiting housing’s economic impact. (National Association of Homebuilders

4. INNOVATION: At Santana Capital Group we believe in innovation and sustainability We pride ourselves in always thinking ahead and providing state-of-the-art solutions for the masses.


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